What is the MMU Registry in Florida

In Florida, getting a medical marijuana card has fast become the pain-relieving remedy of choice for those with debilitating medical conditions and chronic ailments. 

Once considered purely a recreational drug, and illegal in the Sunshine State, Florida recently became one of the states to legalize medical marijuana as a long-term medicine for qualified patients through a regulated, legalized process, just like other scheduled substances acquired through a doctor’s prescription. 

How does one apply for the right to purchase legal medical cannabis in Florida? 

A Florida-certified physician’s recommendation is just the start. What marijuana patients and their caregivers must do next is register with the MMU Registry in Florida.

The MMU Registry, or also known as the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, requires medical marijuana patients and/or marijuana patient caregivers to have an identification card issued by the OMMU, Office of Medical Marijuana Use. 

This registers the patient and/or also a caregiver to have the legal right to make medical marijuana purchases at authorized marijuana shops called Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers(MMTCs), or also known as marijuana dispensaries. 

For patients and caregivers that are Florida residents to have an application accepted into the Florida MMU Registry, they must first be examined by a physician that has been qualified for medical marijuana recommendations by the State of Florida through a certification program for medical marijuana treatment such as the Cannabis Doctor at Miracle Leaf Clematis.

The certified physician must give a recommendation for medical marijuana use based on a qualifying ailment or illness for the applicant to join the MMU Registry. 

Applying for the MMU registry can be done online or sent in by mail to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use for approval. 

The application requires a $75 application fee to join the registry in addition to presenting a qualified medical marijuana physician’s recommendation. 

Applications for caregivers must be submitted in a separate application filed jointly with the patient’s application to receive their own MMU Registry ID card as an authorized caregiver for the medical marijuana patient they are serving.

Once a patient has received their recommendation and submitted it with an application to the Office of Medical Marijuana to join the MMU Registry, he or she can expect a couple of weeks before they will be registered and able to make medical marijuana products and marijuana delivery device purchases at authorized dispensaries. 

Payments take five business days to process and an application review takes an additional five business days before an applicant is approved for the MMU Registry. 

Applications sent by mail take an additional five days for completion of an application process that takes between 10 and 15 business days.

The application submitted by the patient and/or caregiver is either approved or rejected by the OMMU. 

Upon approval, the patient and/or caregiver will receive a temporary MMU Registry card in the mail for immediate ability to make medical marijuana purchases and a subsequent permanent medical marijuana card with a photo ID is issued by the Office of Medical Marijuana. 

Now the patient and caregiver are registered with the Florida MMU Registry and free to make legal medical marijuana and marijuana delivery device purchases from dispensaries. 

Once the patient and/or caregiver is registered and ready to make marijuana purchases, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use will provide a list of approved physicians that have the authority to sell medical marijuana or marijuana delivery devices in the state of Florida. 

Making authorized medical marijuana purchases requires patients and caregivers to present their Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID card to medical marijuana treatment centers in order to make purchases of medical marijuana and/or a cannabis delivery device.

The MMU Registry ID card also enables patients and caregivers to be in possession of medical marijuana legally. In the case of a traffic stop or other police interaction, having the MMU Registry card represents to authorities that any possession of medical marijuana by the patient or caregiver is legal for them to carry. 

This makes carrying the card important when possessing or transporting medical marijuana to present the legality of the possession for the patient or caregiver.

So if you are a candidate for medical marijuana in Florida, it’s vital for you to see a medical marijuana certified physician for a medical marijuana use recommendation and register on the MMU Registry of Florida. This way you can freely and legally possess, smoke, and consume medical marijuana products and enjoy long-term chronic pain relief.

If you feel that you may have qualified ailments for medical marijuana use and are a candidate for this treatment, you can get started on the process by visiting Miracle Leaf West Palm Beach and scheduling an appointment with Chris.

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