Is Medical Marijuana Safe for Florida Patients Over 50?

Florida is well known for its active senior communities throughout the Sunshine State.

Today, there are more Florida seniors than ever before and more than ever, we are seeing seniors of all ages being active. But some seniors have had to try and enjoy active lives while also suffering with chronic pain.

For most seniors, prescription drugs have been the best answer to help them enjoy their golden years without pain, but in many cases with prescription meds for chronic pain relief, the side effects of these drugs can be equally debilitating or worse.

Now seniors in Florida are discovering a new alternative that has never been an option before; medical marijuana card. But with no extensive research on its’ safety for senior citizens, some are apprehensive about using it.

Florida residents voted for a state constitutional amendment in 2016 that made medical marijuana legal in Florida. Since the passing of that amendment four years ago, the business of medical marijuana has grown exponentially and so has the list of medical marijuana patients.

Florida medical marijuana has opened a free market of cannabis products that qualifying patients can purchase for their ailments, but it was initially consumers of a younger generation that began crowding medical marijuana treatment centers seeking this new trend in pain management.

Seniors in Florida were slower to adopt medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional prescription meds and much of that had to do with their apprehension on the safety of using marijuana products for elderly consumers.

It’s a legitimate concern for seniors considering their age and the lesser known data on medical marijuana but what seniors are now discovering is that not only is marijuana perfectly safe to use, it is also extremely effective for chronic pain and illnesses without the multitude of side effects synonymous with traditional prescription drugs.

The advantage to medical marijuana over traditional prescription pills is in it’s organ compounds that are a natural pain inhibitor. Marijuana is a plant and therefore inherently natural to the body unlike pills that are synthetic compounds that treat pain but interfere with some of the body’s natural functions, causing unwanted side effects.

And unlike traditional drugs, marijuana cannot only be administered through smoke or vape in the lungs, which has long been the conventional way of marijuana consumption, but can also be ingested orally through oils and edibles, for those that perhaps cannot or do not want to smoke.

Seniors that were of the first adopters of the new medical marijuana trend in Florida have been using the treatment for at least a couple of years since the industry started materializing in the state and products became available for purchase.

For those that did, they have been enjoying the pain relief provided by marijuana and have not reported any displeasure, discomfort or harrowing side effects like traditional prescription drugs.

When you ask seniors that have been using medical marijuana for an extended period of time, not only will they tell you that it’s been life changing for them, but also that they feel even better than they ever did using traditional prescription drugs.

“It’s a miracle medicine. I use medical marijuana for my chronic pain every day. I feel great, I play with my grandkids, play shuffleboard with my friends and all without the bad side effects from prescription pills,” said George, a Wellington, FL. senior that has been using medical marijuana for chronic pain for over a year now. “I had my doctor take me off of my pain meds and I haven’t gone back. Medical marijuana is the answer for me and I’ve never felt better.”

What has long been known about medical marijuana or just marijuana in general is that there is no amount of consumption of this drug that can become toxic in the body. Prescription pills can cause traumatic internal damage to the body or even be fatal if taken improperly or in the wrong combination which causes tens of thousands of deaths per year in Florida.

Marijuana, no matter to what extent it is used, can ever harm or be fatal to a patient using it for the various medical purposes it has. There has never been a marijuana consumption fatality in history. The nature of marijuana is such that the worst case of over-consumption is a good night’s sleep. To that, there is simply nothing safer and more natural for your body than medical marijuana for chronic pain relief. 

Scientists are still unlocking the wonders of medical marijuana’s natural THC and CBD compounds and their positive effects on the body including studies that show compounds in marijuana even fight cancerous cells in the body aside from it’s pain relieving properties.

It induces appetite for cancer treatment patients, treats and relieves glaucoma and many other biological wonders yet to be discovered. But if there is anything we know for certain with medical marijuana is that it has been proven to treat and relieve chronic pain and is even safer for consumers than traditional pain medications, especially seniors.

For Florida senior citizens with chronic ailments, there’s never been a better time to switch from prescription pills to the new medical marijuana movement of all natural and organic pain relief without the side effects of prescription pills.

Qualifying patients with a medical marijuana use diagnosis made by a Miracle Leaf Clematis marijuana doctor can easily apply for their medical marijuana card by registering with the Florida MMU Registry (Medical Marijuana Use).

Once registered, making legal medical marijuana purchases is easy at any of the many local marijuana dispensaries popping up all over West Palm Beach, FL.

Getting your diagnosis with our cannabis doctors and registering with the MMU is a simple process, but it does take some time for the state to grant the growing number of applications it receives every day so starting the process now and beginning your medical marijuana treatment is paramount.

The first step is getting your diagnosis to become a medical marijuana qualified patient. Visit and schedule a visit to receive a diagnosis for your medical marijuana card and start feeling the benefits of chronic pain relief with medical marijuana products.

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