Medical Marijuana for Insomnia

If you have a sleep disorder, you may be interested in the possibility of using medical marijuana for insomnia. This is now legal in a lot of states, with many patients transitioning to this treatment instead of addictive prescription medication.

How common is chronic insomnia disorder in the United States?

Sleep problems, including insomnia, are very common in the United States. In fact, as many as 70 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder each year.

It’s also estimated that between 33% and 55% of the adult popular experience insomnia symptoms.

Chronic insomnia disorder, which is linked with impairment or distress, impacts between 10% and 15% of adults.

Can You Use Medical Marijuana for Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorders and insomnia are amongst the most common conditions for which patients report cannabis use.

Research suggests that cannabis use can help to improve patient-reported sleep scores and ultimately be an effective sleep aid for those with such disorders.

For people with certain conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain, medical marijuana can help them wake up less during the night, fall asleep faster, and enjoy improved sleep quality overall.

A lot of people also utilize medical cannabis to self-treat insomnia, pain, and anxiety. Amongst these users, the effectiveness of cannabis for sleep is much more ambivalent. One study has shown that people with insomnia symptoms experienced great relief when using cannabis.

How cannabis for sleep works

It’s believed that cannabinoids have sleep-promoting effects because of the interactions with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.

When cannabinoids bind to these receptors, messages are sent to the brain to boost adenosine levels, which promote sleep. At the same time, messages are sent to suppress the arousal system in your brain. Together, these effects can help medical marijuana users to feel sleepy or sedated.

Insomnia Symptoms You Can Treat With Medical Marijuana

Sleep problems can impact your life in so many different ways, resulting in physical and mental health challenges.

Some of the signs that you’re currently suffering from insomnia include:

  • Finding it challenging to concentrate during the day
  • Feeling irritable and tired during the day
  • Finding it difficult to nap during the day, despite being tired
  • Feeling tired once you’ve woken up
  • Waking up early and struggling to go back to sleep
  • Laying awake at night
  • Waking up several times throughout the night
  • Finding it difficult to go to sleep

Health conditions can stem from poor sleep quality

Sleep disorders can cause a number of health conditions. People suffer from short- and long-term memory loss, as well as depression and anxiety disorders.

Accidents are more likely because you feel drowsy during the day. You can also find it difficult to concentrate or think, your immune system will be weaker, which makes common cold and flu more likely, and you will be at a higher risk for diabetes.

People with persistent difficulty falling asleep also tend to gain weight, have poor balance and coordination, a lower sex drive, and they’re at higher risk of heart disease.

Get MMJ Card for Sleep Disorders at Miracle Leaf Clematis

At Miracle Leaf, we can give you an MMJ card within 10 days if you’re approved to use medical cannabis for your sleep disorder. Simply visit an approved marijuana doctor at Miracle Leaf West Palm Beach. The experienced doctor you meet will carry out an assessment to determine whether medical cannabis is appropriate as a sleep aid for your condition.

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