CBD for Pets: Does it Work?

If you’re a pet owner and/or a regular CBD user, you may have seen reports and stories about using CBD for pets. But is this a good idea? Should you consider it? Read on to discover everything you need to know. 

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CBD Oil for Pets: Does it work?

What you need to understand about the CBD market

Before we take a more in-depth look at the benefits of CBD for pets, it’s important to get a few things straight. Firstly, CBD can assist with a wide range of health issues, from cancer to allergies. Therefore, it’s definitely a viable option to consider when looking after your pet. 

At the same time, the industry is still unregulated. This means you need to be careful when purchasing. The last thing you want to do is purchase a fake product, which causes way more to your dog than good. 

How can CBD help pets?

Take a dog or a cat, for example. They all have what’s known as an endocannabinoid system, which is basically a messenger system in your pet’s body. It helps to regulate the immune system, pain, appetite, sleep, and much more.

CBD will influence the activity of the messengers in your endocannabinoid system, stimulating your brain, as well as your immune, digestive, and nervous systems. It’s able to do this because the endocannabinoids located in CBD are very much like the endocannabinoids found in your fluffy friend’s body. 

What Are Some Of The Ways CBD Oil Can Assist Your Dog?

There are a number of different benefits associated with CBD oil for dogs, including:

  • Lower anxiety levels – A lot of dog owners turn to CBD when they notice signs of anxiety. Anxiety can appear in different ways, including fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and noise phobia. While there are anti-anxiety drugs on the market, a lot of people prefer medical marijuana, especially as the side effects don’t seem to be anywhere as near dangerous. 
  • Assisting dogs with epilepsy and seizures – Antiepileptic drugs can be harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. Instead, CBD presents a viable alternatively. Moreover, in one study, a massive 89% of dogs that received CBD experienced fewer seizures. 
  • Helping dogs with cancer – Sadly, every one in two dogs will get cancer at some point. CBD has been researched extensively as a possible cancer-fighting substance. Across several animal studies, it’s been revealed that CBD can slow the growth of tumors thanks to its cancer-fighting abilities. It also increases survival time and slows down the growth of mammary cancer cells. 
  • Assisting with joint problems – CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. What this means is that it doesn’t possess the same risk of side effects as NSAIDs would. There have been studies that have revealed that dogs taking CBD for arthritis showed a decrease in pain and were more active. 

CBD could be just the thing your pet needs

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with using CBD oil on your pet. However, it’s imperative to do your research carefully before buying, as the market is very much unregulated. 

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